Bhutanese people are friendly and hospitable people.The large mojority of them are a homo-geneous group divided linguistically into three broad sub-groups.These are Sarchops, Ngalong and Lhotshampa. Besides, there are a number of smaller groups, many with their own language which form about 1 % of the population.Some of these groups are:Bumthap in Bumthag, Tsangho in the east, Layapas in the north-west, Brokpas in the north-east and the Doyas in the south-west of Bhutan.


Agriculture and livestock raising are the mainstay of the economy.They contribute about 45% to the GNP.Agriculture is still the main source of livelihood for about 89 % of people living in the rural areas of Bhutan. About 62% of women are involved in agriculture and their contribution is substantial. The farms are mostly narrow pieces of land cut into terraces on hill slopes. Forestry contributes 15 % to the Gross National Product (GNP) and industry and mining 10%.